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The Bread Store

We’ve been hand-making artisan bread at The Loaf since 2009, so we think we know a thing or two about “real honest bread”.


What is Real Honest Bread?
Our bread has nothing to hide. We use just the essential ingredients: flour, water, yeast and salt. No processing aids, artificial additives, dough conditioners, preservatives, chemical leavening or, well, artificial anything. Additional ingredients are great, as long as they’re natural: seeds, nuts, olive oil. It not only makes our bread healthier for you, it makes it taste great too.


So if you like the sound of that, please order here and note The Loafer’s Bread Club has a few “rules”:
  • Minimum order is 2 loaves, maximum order is any 10 loaves (they freeze very well!)
  • We bake twice a week – you can choose a Tuesday or Friday pick-up date
  • All loaves have to be collected at our Fernie store, between 10am-8pm
  • This is small batch baking at its finest! When we reach capacity, you’ll be offered the next available collection date.